Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Headshot Happy!

Headshot happy! That's what we are at LJ Studios lately. We've always been a good destination for professional headshots, but lately we've been doing more and more environmental portraits on location.

Environmental Portraits of Michael

Everyone needs a good basic headshot for their online profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook, but for some people, like media consultant Michael (pictured above), an environmental headshot tells more about the subject by putting them in the context of their work environment (as opposed to the studio). Subjects often feel more comfortable in their familiar environment than they do in our studio, which also helps reveal their natural character.

Environmental Portrait of Glen

In the portrait above, Glen is standing in front of a construction project that he managed. His joy and pride over the project was evident and came out more naturally standing next to the building than it would have in the studio.

These environmental portraits are not necessarily meant to be used as profile photos (although they could be). They are great for editorial features and general marketing materials.

And on top of it all, they tend to be fun to shoot for both the client and the photographer!

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