Thursday, June 25, 2015

World Record Run with Guiding Eyes for the Blind CEO

This morning, Mark Liflander photographed ultra-runner Scott Jurek and Guiding Eyes for the Blind CEO Tom Panek at the peak of Bear Mountain in Bear Mountain State Park, NY.

Scott is in the process of breaking the world record for running the entire Appalachian Trail.

Tom is a blind runner, and Scott guided Tom through this year's Boston Marathon. The two friends joined up on the AT today to help raise money for Guiding Eyes. Scott is donating part of the proceeds from his run to Guiding Eyes.

Two news crews and a documentary film crew were on hand to capture Scott as he passed through Perkins Peak with Tom today. The film crew is working on a documentary called 'Game Changers', which features vegan super-athletes  to help shed light on the ever-growing problem of methane waste from cows raised for beef.

Guide Dog-in-training German Shepherd Klinger was there to represent our four-legged furry friends.  Klinger is also the first Guiding Eyes dog to be trained to guide visually impaired people on long distance runs.

Click the link below to see an article written about the event!

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