Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Age of Digital Black and White Prints

For years during the digital photography revolution, color photographic paper has been used to print Black and White images. This has been widely accepted as the norm for many photography studios in recent years. Printing Black and White images on color paper will never produce the the quality and tonality that true black and white paper will give us.

We have FINALLY found a lab that will print our digital black and white files on traditional black and white fiber-based paper! This provides us with the following when printing Black and White fine art prints:

No Tone Disruption- Produces a true continuous tone from shadows to highlight

No Color Variance- Blacks are 100% black, grays are fully gray, color shifts are non-existent

Longevity- Fiber-based black & white prints are proven to last over a hundred years.

Come on in to the Studio and take a look at the difference in our new Black and White Fine Art Prints.

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